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Preliminary Ideas

September 13, 2012

The book that was read to me as a child and one of the first books I remember reading was a compilation of Akbar and Birbal short stories. The stories would represent a fictionalization of the emperor Akbar the great and his court minister, Birbal. Birbal was one of the most trusted men in the kingdom, as he had many positive qualities and was very knowledgeable. My parents would read me stories from that book often and each story had their own lessons to teach that I took to heart and helped mold my personality. I grew up reading these stories and they are the only narratives I remember reading from my childhood. These stories helped me develop my skill of reading and qualifies as one of the first literacy events I have had. Plus, I was able to take something away from those stories and I can still apply many of those lessons in my life today.


1. Is this a good event to write about?

2. How do you think this essay should be structured? Do you think I should write about an individual short story or the book as a whole?


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  1. Hey, for your first question yea I think that this would be a good event to talk about. And for your second question I think you could possibly talk about maybe a couple of stories and how they resonated with you in your body paragrpahs and then talk about the book as a whole in your conclusion and how it further influenced you

  2. Hi Quresh, I think this is a good event to write about. But it would be better if you could use a specific example in your narrative. I might begin with a special story in the book and then describe how this story impressed you. Then you can talk about your thoughts about this story. At the end of the essay, you could write about the importance of this story to your future reading.

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