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September 25, 2012

Welsch’s video “The Machine is Us/ing us” and Kuhn’s video “The components of Scholarly Multimedia” both discuss the line between innovation and convention. With the advances of technology, there are new mediums being developed where literacy can be applied. With new mediums and technology, it is difficult to differentiate between innovation and convention. Both videos discuss the line between innovation and convention. I believe that if there is too much innovation, especially with all the innovation already, the reader will have a tough time to follow, but if there is too much convention, it will be boring for the reader. A line between the two has to be established in order for there to be successful works.

Welsch’s video discusses how the internet is evolving. He discusses how HTML and webpage design has changed tremendously since the start of the web. The way that the information is presented is very unique, which is innovation on his part. The title alone is interesting, as it provides two sides to the argument already on how technology has changed us. Welsch is also showing Reid’s principles of rhetoric. Welsch’s video is the perfect example of “show, don’t tell” as he uses examples all around the web including multiple webpages. Welsch is also writing without restriction, he was able to use whatever format he wanted to, which is why the video resulted in having such innovation. Welsch is also drawing the audience in with the controversial topic about technology and how it has changed us.

Kuhn’s video alsos hows some innovation, but not as much as Welsch’s video. Kuhn’s video is about getting her four principles across, which she does using some innovative and some conventional ways. A lot of repetition is used, which is a conventional method to get someone to remember something. She is innovative in the fact that music and interesting visuals are used in the video, which is something not normally done. Kuhn’s video also applies to Reid’s principles of rhetoric. Kuhn discusses a topic that she is passionate about, so there are no restrictions on what she is writing. Kuhn’s video also applies the “show, don’t tell” rule. Both Kuhn and Welsch’s videos apply the rules of rhetoric by Reid.

Welsch’s video and Kuhn’s video both show signs of innovation and convention. Welsch’s video shows much more innovation than Kuhn’s in the way he presented the Web 2.0 in such a short video. Kuhn’s video strays more toward conventional methods of getting her principles across, but she is still innovative with the use of music and visuals.


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