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Blog 6

November 6, 2012

I was part of the class that had to read Driscoll’s “Introduction to Primary Research”. The kind of research that I am doing characterized by Driscoll is primary research because I am analyzing something straight from the source without using outside sources. Since the poster that I am analyzing came straight from the original source, it is primary research. Driscoll’s strategy to analyzing sources is more of a scientific and rigorous method. First she says that background information is needed before you can start analyzing and then introduce the topic. After all that is done, you should be able to construct a valid thesis based off factual information. For the rest of the research paper, she says that many examples should be provided. For each example, analysis is needed to make the placement of the example needed. There is no point in putting examples that have no analysis because it adds nothing to the paper. Driscoll states that conducting interviews would be helpful in gaining primary research, but for my rhetorical analysis it is quite difficult to conduct an interview with the head of the World Wildlife Fund. Although it would be difficult, the information would be helpful because I can understand why they put out the advertisement in the first place and what was their reasoning. If Driscoll was in the room with me, I believe that she would tell me to further analyze my examples and provide more examples that are relevant to the topic. Having stronger body paragraphs with rich examples would make the essay much more organized and analytical.


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  1. Very good blog posts, but would like to see more multimedia of some sorts whether it be video, images, etc. Content is good, but does not grab the reader’s attention. The format of the blog itself is a bit plain and could use some kind of design by adding pictures or a more in-depth About me page. Or you could add something personal to make this blog unique to you. You could also add a blog roll to make it easier for readers to navigate to other pages. Your writing structure is very clear, your arguments are good, and it flows very well. Possibly add a picture of yourself to give the reader an idea as to who is writing these posts. Your tone is very professional, but maybe you could challenge the reader more in order to involve them more in your writing. Overall, it is a very professional, formal blog but to make it better, you could add some design and personality to it.

    – Becca & Alex

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