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Blog 8

November 20, 2012

Texting has become a very popular form of communication in our technological age. Texting is a form of writing because coherent messages are still being formed in order to communicate an idea to another person. Although the messages aren’t being produced on paper or proper publications, it is still writing because words are still being created and are seen by other people. It is also a form of writing because it has its own dictionary. There are many slang terms that people use while texting and it has become common knowledge to understand what these words mean. I believe that texting is indeed a valuable form of writing. It is a valuable form because it allows people to communicate very easily and efficiently. The idea of being able to instantly message someone on their phone is very valuable especially when phones are now part of everyone’s lives. I personally use texting as a form of communication. It’s much easier than calling someone because to call someone you have to be in a quiet environment and try not to bother people around you. Sending e-mails also isn’t as instant as texting and e-mail is thought of as a more formal form of electronic communication. I do not believe texting is academic writing. Texting will never be used as a form of writing to compose essays and write formally. Texting is not practical when someone wants to write a 4 page essay or write a research paper. Also texting shouldn’t be considered academic writing because texting is usually done without carefully thinking what to say and done quickly to get the message out. Texting doesn’t realy bring anything to academic writing that other technologies cannot. Computers are a much more efficient way to type a long paper or write an academic article, thus texting should not be considered an academic writing form.


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One Comment
  1. Hey Quresh,
    I do agree that texting is a form of writing and also that it isn’t a form of academic writing.
    However after reading several of other blogs, I started to think differently.
    Do you think texting will never become academic? Where do you see texting 20 years from now? Do you think it will be utilized in classrooms?

    -Charlie Park

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