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Studio Time 2

December 6, 2012
  • Where you were in your project before the session.

Before our session we only had the introduction filmed and the hashtag was researched enough to begin making the advertisements.

  • Where you are in your project right now, as the session wraps up.

After the session was over, we had filmed 3 interviews and the advertisements for the hashtag was mostly completed. We had not done any editing so far, but we have most of the raw footage.

  • What you accomplished during the session. So, tell me what footage you edited, what research you conducted, what technological mishaps you encountered, what interviews you recorded, what conversations you had, what writing you completed, what captions you created, so on and so forth.

During this session, we completed the research we needed in the first couple minutes. Then we printed out our script for the interviews and Rohan and I went out to film some interviews. We were able to obtain 3 interviews. Howie was able to complete the 3 advertisements that we had planned for our presentation. 

  • Your goals for future sessions.

For our next session, we wish to obtain the final interview. Then we hope to have the conclusion written and filmed. If time permits, we will begin editing the footage and putting together the final film. 


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