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Studio Time 3

December 11, 2012
  • Where you were in your project before the session.

Before our session we had all the interviews and the advertisements completed.

  • Where you are in your project right now, as the session wraps up.

We did some preliminary editing to the film but mostly we completed the conclusion for the film.

  • What you accomplished during the session. So, tell me what footage you edited, what research you conducted, what technological mishaps you encountered, what interviews you recorded, what conversations you had, what writing you completed, what captions you created, so on and so forth.

During this session, we did some finalization to the advertisements then we decided to film the conclusion. We wrote out a script and then Rohan voiced it over the film. At the end of the session we have all the film done so now only editing remains.

  • Your goals for future sessions.

Our next class period is the presentation day, so we will have to meet over the weekend to finish the editing.


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